Wednesday, 20 April 2011


Dear Friends
It deeply hurt me when I read about the Pakistani suicide bomber that survived during last month’s attack on a prominent Sufi shrine. Please hear his testimony.

No doubt he was brain washed and emotionally raped by the Taleban. However it is high time that Muslim ruling elites stop hiding behind the indigenous and global extremist Muslim threat and milking / fleecing the western world.

It is a dirty and open secret that the President of Pakistan, Asif Ali Zardari, is a billionaire.  He came into this world empty handed and will return so as well.

Why cannot Asif transform / utilise some of those ill gotten gains for educational and economic  programmes for the Pakistani rural poor who are the principle target of the Taleban? Why not leave a lasting legacy rather than a political chair for his playboy son ?

There was a time when the Islamic world was a transmitter of all types of knowledge especially the Greek tradition. Today it is acknowledged that the, almost mythical, medieval society in Andalucian Toledo was responsible for the European Renaissance, the scientific method and provided the blueprint for the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge.

The greatest enemy of the Muslim world is its self. FULL STOP. And it is clear from Quranic scripture that God will not change a nation until it does not change its self.

Thus Muslim intellectuals should quit complaining, making excuses, weeping and analysing. All we need is every Muslim Man, Woman and Child to individually work their damn hardest.  Just look what my Jewish and Hindu brothers have achieved in the last 60 years....

Unfortunately Islamism has become an opiate in the Muslim world and source of tyranny and exploitation...Inshallah / God Willing Muslims will and are changing...