Thursday, 7 April 2011

'Godless Believers'...

Dear Friends

What if I became an atheist?
What would it feel like?
Would I be free?
Would I be happier?
Would I achieve more in this short life?

I would probably enjoy unfettered sexual freedom and could eat and drink what I wanted. There would be no moral responsibility to provide for my family or obligation to my extended family especially my parents.
No wasting time offering prayers and other acts of devotion. No submission to an invisible deity who does not seem to care any way.
I would not have to look out for my neighbour or fellow human beings and animals. In short I would be the centre if not focal point in my own little world. Thus there would be no moral imperative to make a difference.
As long as I obeyed the common law and paid my taxes I would be free to do as I pleased. I could possibly become Buddhist if I was experiencing a spiritual void as there is no need to acknowledge a supreme deity however I would have to lead an ethical life thus the aforementioned would be out of the question.
So should I become Buddhist?
Possibly but there is no equivalent of a Rumi or Ibn Arabi or my beloved Hallaj in other alternative spiritual systems...
This short thought experiment demonstrates to me that at the heart of Islam there  is an expectation  to help your fellow wo(man) and becoming a what  I call a ‘co-worker’ and ‘co-learner’ with Him, and being grateful to God. The latter is not necessarily praying or giving alms as the former is a form of worship and gratitude. Thus the onus in Islam is doing rather than merely praying...
So why is the Muslim world in such a mess? Because we have become what I call ‘Godless Believers’ most notably leaders at a local, national and global level regardless of geography...Who routinely violate their fellow man, spout religiosity and don Muslim garbs especially beards. No wonder we Muslims lag woefully behind in every league table imaginable in comparison to ‘non-believers’...At least the Atheist respects the law...hahahaha...

Drink and enjoy hemlock!


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