Thursday, 16 September 2010

Pauses and Ideas...

Dear Friends
My Micro-Teach on 'stress management' went well yesterday and I really valued the constructive feedback. One of my colleagues indicated that I did not give them enough time to think. I thought that was a valid point as I tend to 'blast' through sessions since I am keen to execute all the aims and objectives and sincerely want my students to learn.
However I think I will endeavour to build in more space for pause and reflection into my teaching sessions. As I have no idea what state of mind my potential listeners or students are in? Furthermore it is unfair to assume that my audience have understood everything and 'get it'.
Today Marks session on 'ideas' was great. I never knew that there are so many teaching methodologies and loved the design inspiration whereby designers keep an object of cutting edge design close by that inspires.
Quite a few of us liked the '3 most important things' technique to get students to immediately reflect on and summarise the session. This is a challenging tool. What if the students don’t highlight the 3 most things?  On the plus side it is immediate feedback on your session and I am going to build this into my practice.
Any way folks! Have a great weekend…
''Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you will land among the stars'…Les Brown
Rishi Faisal

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