Friday, 24 September 2010

What Problems?

Dear Folks

Life is a big problem...

However my spiritual training has helped me to 'see' life as  a garden full of blooming flowers and lush fruit trees but we 'choose' to forget the thorns, bugs and weeds!  And not forgetting the bad sometimes tortuous weather.

Interestingly the Arabic word for forgetfulness, nisyan, is related to the word for Man (insan), pointing to the forgetful tendency which is ingrained in human beings.

On the other hand the bugs, thorns and weeds establish direction and test our mettle if not resolve. If we stand resolute and persevere  the fruit and scent will be sweeter, intense if not intoxicating...perhaps even infinite...Inshallah / God Willing!

Challenges not problems…

Keep jamming & dreaming
Rishi Faisal

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