Saturday, 28 May 2011

Spiritual Alchemy...

Dear Friends
According to spiritual alchemy the worker and his/her inner work change.  I always found this a very challenging concept to comprehend.

However, this morning I was watching a cookery show. It was the final. All the 3 contestants had been through a tough process of selection and testing. I marvelled at how they had changed. Suddenly I thought that’s it! Here was a clear example of spiritual alchemy. The contestants had definitely changed as they were more refined cooks. Crucially their ‘work’ namely the food had transformed into Michelin star standard!

Perhaps life including all its trials, tribulations, even rewards and our role is one grand alchemy.  And we ‘get’ more out according to our level and intensity of participation. Thus for any real engagement with life (including with God) we cannot be forced rather encouraged and nurtured. Consequently authentic humanity is helping our fellow wo(man) realise their potential and transform into gold...Inshallah / God Willing!

Carp Diem...Seize the moment...


Ps – I feel the concept of alchemy is going to become the touchstone of my teaching practice...and is a useful mechanism to keep the bigger picture in view...

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