Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Fishing in the Rivers of Life!

Dear Friends
I feel that a curriculum is the path way of study leading to the actualisation of an outcome(s). 
If the definition of Shariah is ‘path’ or ‘way’ then perhaps it is a curriculum. What is the outcome of Shariah?  For me personally God consciousness and a dynamic relationship with God that diffuses into your day to day life. One becomes a conduit for the truth / light / God.  
Consequently I feel that slavishly adhering to any madhab or school of thought destroys the outcome i.e. God Consciousness. Instead there will be poor projections if not idols of God originating from the ego that divide rather than unite individually and collectively. Is it any wonder that religion in general has such a bloody past, present and future? And humanists proclaim the virtues of secularism and scientism.
Put it another way if my practice of Islam is not transforming me into an independent ‘fisherman’ then I have failed.

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