Monday, 31 January 2011

Revolutionary Dua...

Dear Friends
Du'a (دعاء) is the act of supplication. The term is derived from an Arabic word meaning to 'call out' or to 'summon', and Muslims regard this as a profound act of worship. God states in the Quran:

"And your Lord says: "Call on Me; I will answer your (Prayer)!"

So I make a heartfelt Dua that our Egyptian brothers and sisters choose the middle path that was enunciated and perfected by Buddha (pbuh) and by Muhammed (pbuh) rather than any reactionary ‘ism’ such as Islamism or Humanism. I also make Dua that rivers of blood cease... and other oppressed people seize the moment to taste liberty and self respect...Ameen. Suma Ameen...



Ps – I like to think of Dua like pitch...The greater the need / desire / pain the purer and more potent it will be as it pierces the heavens and lands in the lap of the beloved...Try it! The proof is in the pudding... : )

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