Saturday, 25 June 2011

Baba Muhammed Yahya Khan...

Dear Friends

My beloved yet tortured Pakistan is suffering from mass unemployment, rampant inflation, a violent insurgency, systemic corruption, political incompetence, religious extremism, brain drain on an epic scale...No wonder it has been dubbed a failed state. My personal assessment is that it is a PhD thesis gone mad.

However, amidst the chaos a Muslim superhero has emerged...BABA MUHAMMED YAHYA KHAN...This living Sufi legend has taken Lahore and the world by storm and his simple yet powerful message of love is giving solace and hope to millions.

He has written 10 books in Urdu which are being translated into English and now his work is been dramatised.


This is Sufism with attitude....


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  1. I know baba yahya kha from before he bacame a baba. His baba yahya khan family lives in bradford uk