Sunday, 26 June 2011

Faltering 'Arab Spring'...

Dear Friends

The spectacular ‘Arab Spring’ caught most of the world by surprise.  The depressed global Muslim street was shocked into action and there was a genuine hope that the aged and corrupt Muslim aristocracies would disappear. Obama et al after initial reservations weighed in behind the Muslim protestors as they could clearly see the writing on the wall and there were remarkable gains in Tunisia and Egypt.

Things have become a bloody and complex mess in Libya, Syria and Yemen but this is not the time to withdraw Western support. Otherwise it will feed the conspiracy peddlers that the West were merely protecting oil interests and suppressing genuine Muslim democracy as was the case in Bahrain where the uprising was violently crushed with the help of Saudi Arabia & UAE.

Granted the economic environment is in free fall but can the west really afford not to finish the job properly in AfPak and Libya? I am sure that the Turkish government is being consulted if not there will be more ‘blow back’ and personally I fear it will be nuclear...Unfortunately the Quran in the hands of zealots is like a mad monkey with a cut throat razor...

In hope and prayer...


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