Monday, 6 June 2011

Children - our future and more...

Dear Friends
Nowadays the sexualisation of British children is a seriously hot topic. As a father I am taking a keen interest and watching how the entertainment and  fashion industry will respond towards demands for self-regulation. This is in response to the public outcry regarding steamy pop videos and lingerie for kids...

Personally I feel all the proposals are too little too late due to the internet which can never be fully policed. The only solution is moral guidance from parents. For example when I was growing up even if a kissing scene was on my parents would immediately change the channel and they showed little physical love for each other in public. Sex education was done tactfully and we could discuss practically anything with my mother. Yes my father was a little distant regarding emotional subjects but he was and remains an excellent role model.

Perhaps my personal experience of moral education sounds draconian but none of us 6 siblings, including 1 sister, have turned out to be teenage really ‘child’ parents and we brothers know the importance above all value of women.

This debate also suggests that 'absolute' personal freedom, perhaps even creative freedom, is detrimental to society at large as our values and beliefs do rub off onto each other.

What you sow is what you reap...Our children are the harvest of our dreams and deserve nothing less than the best...Amen...


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