Sunday, 14 August 2011

British Poet Laureate pays tribute to British Muslim Hero

'Birmingham for Tariq Jahan' by Carol Ann Duffy:

After the evening prayers at the mosque,
came the looters in masks,
and you three stood,
beloved in your neighbourhood,
brave, bright, brothers,
to be who you were –
a hafiz is one who has memorised
the entire Koran;
a devout man –
then the man in the speeding car
who purposefully mounted the kerb …

I think we all should kneel
on that English street,
where he widowed your pregnant wife, Shazad,
tossed your soul to the air, Abdul,
and brought your father, Haroon, to his knees,
his face masked in only your blood
on the rolling news
where nobody's children riot and burn.


  1. :) love it, grew up reading duffy's poems. and inshallah the three heros are welcomed into paradise.

  2. This looks more like a tunic than a kimono, but it is still quite beautiful
    توليب ان