Friday, 5 August 2011

Contextualising Islam...

Dear Friends

I have just finished reading a rare and cracking example of nuanced Muslim thinking entitled Contextualising Islam in Britain; which can be downloaded at:

The report tackles issues / questions / challenges such as identity and belonging for British born Muslims that I have personally been grappling with for years.  I was struck by the boldness and range of ideas that crucially emanate from Quran and Sunnah.

This report comes at a cross roads in my life as I had recently jettisoned damaged dreams of settling abroad in the Muslim World. It sounds crazy but Great Britain is socio-politically more ‘Muslim’ than the entire Muslim world combined which can and must learn. Thus it is high time that British Muslims wholeheartedly give rather than take from this secular society at large...

We Muslims need to recognise that ‘favoured nation status’ is a privilege and not a guarantee and Allah can appoint even perceived Muslim adversaries to do his work and become Khalifahs or His Vice-regents.



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