Monday, 21 February 2011

Business Cake...

Dear Friends

Ethics and corporate responsibility has shot up onto the top of business / accounting / finance curriculums especially in the top business schools such as Harvard. Since we do not want another global meltdown as we would probably not survive. Business graduates are being actively taught if not inculcated that their decisions have local if not global consequences and create history. Also our delicate eco-system can no longer sustain the current levels of individual greed and company exploitation which is undermining our role in persuading the emerging BRIC economies to diversify their energy needs.

Thus I am very distressed when I discovered that the implements being used to ‘control’ the protests in Egypt, Bahrain and Libya were supplied by British companies. And it beggars belief when the British Foreign Secretary condemns those repressive regimes and demands action!

I am reminded of Quranic wisdom that clearly says that the murder of one innocent is in fact the murder of the whole of humanity...Since we have always lived in an 
interconnected world...

You cannot have all your cake and eat it...There is enough cake for everyone's need but not greed....



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