Monday, 21 February 2011

From Educator to Liberator...

Dear Friends

Since I have taken the plunge into the deep ocean of higher education I have been blessed with many positive and negative experiences. The latter have tested my mettle but proved to be petrol for the soul...Thus I would not change anything even when I nearly threw in the 

I have read much around pedagogy and the science of curriculum and the following has stolen my imagination:

‘’In order to play the Prophetic role which education for liberation desperately needs, educators first need to become mystics, to recover their own potential for contemplation, wonder, stillness, relationship with the natural world, and a thirst for learning which transcends narrow curriculum limits’’.

(Spirituality and the Curriculum, page 79 – Educators as Mystics – Nixon & Parffrey)

The above is lyrical heroin! Wow! The implications are profound as the educator IS THE STUDENT!

Yes...I am to learn...and reminded of another Muslim tradition where the believer is a student from cradle to grave...

From Educator to Liberator is certainly my touch stone...


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