Friday, 18 February 2011

Muslim Beards?

Dear Friends

The beard in Islam is a deeply contentious issue. For some it is stamp of authority whilst for others it proves their devotion. A lot of young people use it as a way to 'rebel' along with donning Arab gear.

Personally I feel that you do not have to wear a big sign around your neck saying you are Muslim and demand sympathy / attention.

The beard is in Islam not the other way round!

Yes Muhammed (pbuh) had a beard but that was the trend of 7th century along with most places. Some of the most avowed enemies of early Islam such as Abu Lahab also kept a luxuriant beard and was the Prophets Uncle!

And surely God will judge our actions rather than the style or length of ones beard???




  1. I've found you can't argue with some people about this issue. As soon as you start presenting rational interpretations they fall back on what the "scholars" have already said and tell you than reasoning is a tool of the devil.

  2. That’s a shame as our Prophet was a very reasonable individual and the cornerstone of his faith was REASON / AQL. Slm. Faisal

  3. I know. That's why I find there are very few people I can talk to anymore.