Thursday, 3 February 2011

Education, Education, Education...

Dear Friends
Recently I watched an animated interview with the leader of EDL, the English Defence League, which is an extremist organisation and highly anti-Islam.
People like Stephen Lennon used to really wind me up and plunge my soul into a deep melancholy. However ever since I have become a teacher and student of educational theory / pedagogy I pity people like Stephen.
People like him and Muslim extremists are generally poorly travelled and read and are usually under achievers. Granted Muslim extremists can be highly intelligent but they under achieve due to identity crisis and lack of exposure to Sufi Philosophy and Islamic history in general. In the past I have taught people like Stephen and I noticed that their inner and outer violence dissolves before genuine care and attention.
The only solution is EDUCATION, EDUCATION, EDUCATION…especially Philosophy / Love of Wisdom…

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