Saturday, 26 March 2011

'Burning Paradise'...

Dear Friends

We are holding a dinner party today and whilst I was helping with some chores. It occurred to me that the preparation is as important as the actual dinner party. Then I had a wonderful insight that ablutions are as important as the actual canonical 5 daily prayers. The latter has been simmering in my mind for the last couple of hours.

It just dawned on me that this whole life is a preparation ultimately for death...A deeply sobering yet exhilarating thought...Whether I am destined for paradise or hell I do not know but I am reminded of the famous motifs of a burning torch and bucket of water used by Rabia, the almost mythical woman saint of 8th century Iraq...

Rabia fervently believed that love of God and not the promise of paradise should motivate a Muslim. Thus she wanted to burn paradise and quench the flames of hell...BRAVO!!!


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