Saturday, 26 March 2011


Dear Friends
One of the most distressing elements of the Sufi / spiritual enterprise is politics. This is not a new phenomenon as the jealous 13th century students of Rumi were instrumental in having his beloved Shams ejected permanently from Konya. However this sparked the great body of poetry composed by Mevlana Rumi namely the Mathnawi.
Present day Sufi brotherhoods can be breeding grounds of some of the most vicious games of intrigue, back stabbing and abuse of every kind imaginable. Hereditary orders that allow the enthronement of the Shaykhs son are the worst.
I have observed in disbelief at some of the shenanigans and always been puzzled. Is not the spiritual path the noblest human endeavour? Should it not inspire chivalry, great deeds and words?
Perhaps the prize is so great namely walayaa / friendship with Allah and earthly representation of the Prophet that the ends justify the means.
Personally I did not get hooked to the Sufi dream to build an empire on the back of broken and bleeding souls.
The inspiration remains to become a tool for the divine director...To see with his eyes...above all to laugh with him...

Time to get back on the road...Boots and Sand...Inshallah...For the road is the bread and butter of the salik / spiritual aspirant...



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