Saturday, 19 March 2011

What is Sufism?

Dear Friends
What is Sufism? This question has perplexed mystics for centuries. For some it is ‘zauq’ / taste for others it is the inculcation of virtues or Ihsaan.
Personally whenever I feel that I have the answer it manages to slip away like the choicest sand grains.
I read the following by the great Hafiz who is alluding to something which is simultaneously so deep yet delicate and in my humble opinion sums up the entire Sufi (if not Muslim) enterprise and journey:

Awake my dear,
Be kind to your sleeping heart
Take it out to the vast
Field of light
And let it breathe

Let us breathe / pray / meditate / dream / taste / do good...Ameen. Suma Ameen


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