Sunday, 20 March 2011


Dear Friends
I am being absolutely honest that last night I experienced a stomach churning nightmare due to the current allied military offensive albeit UN sanctioned against Libya.

Yes it may well be to prevent a bloody massacre against the million or so inhabitants of Benghazi. However why are the fighter planes not flying over Bahrain or Saudi Arabia or Yemen whose Muslim dictators are butchering their own unarmed people?

Why cannot the Arab League independently enforce a no-fly zone across Libya after all the west has armed them with the latest military hardware and know how? Saudi Arabia successfully deployed 2000 troops last week to protect their family relative who runs Bahrain on their behalf.

This latest allied adventure has all the hallmarks of the Bush invasion of Iraq but part Deux / 2.0. This is a serious case of déjà vu.

What is so upsetting is that this action will destroy all the inter-faith bridges so carefully and painstakingly constructed since the last Iraq war. It will give ammunition to extremists on all sides and drown enlightened voices of people such as Ziauddin Sardar and Rowan Williams. And discourse will descend into the ‘them versus us’ and solutions will be ‘black and white’.

What deeply angers me is that the Cameron government can slash the budget for English higher education and raise tuition fees but fund a no fly zone that will cost in excess of £1billion to fund a year. And the irony is that the M.O.D budget is also being slashed and our troops are being sent into theatre ill-equipped and post-conflict rely upon charity for their basic survival.

Why are we mortgaging the future of our children and socio- economic well being for another costly Middle Eastern debacle? Why cannot we throw off the shackles of our Imperialist past and transform into an economic and nice superpower like Germany or South Korea?

The current war cabinet are a bunch of public school lads drunk on a heady yet deadly cocktail of honour and ego. Surely they can leave their mark on history in other ways such as making UK PLC an economic powerhouse. Granted this is not as sexy as war mongering but hey we will not have the blood of Gaddafi or innocents on our hands!

Well done Mr. Cameron et al for another right royal and expensive mess that will be funded by the tax payer !!! Mr. Cameron is proving that Blairism is alive and kicking...


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