Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Getting Drunk - the Sufi Way!

Dear Friends
A Sufi once remarked that not until you become drunk over a glass of water you have 'tasted' / actualised nothing and should re-consider your spiritual modus-operandi…
Rather harsh. However there is much merit in the above. Take a glass of water. Ponder over the literally billions of processes to get the water to you. The river, the ocean, the rain clouds, the droplets, the rain showers, the complex chemical processes, the water company…It is humbling to say the least!
No water. No life.
My hearing, sight, my tongue and hand: all He.
Then I am not, for all that is, is He.
I think I am, and thought is but a dream.
When I awake, all that remains is He.

- Baba Afzal Kashini

For me the glass in always half full…

Rishi Faisal

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