Wednesday, 6 October 2010

'The War with Muslims has just begun????'

Dear Friends
FAILED Times Square bomber Faisal Shazad was jailed for life yesterday and went down warning 'the war with Muslims has just begun'. Also that 'Muslims don't abide by human laws'.
I wholeheartedly follow and respect the law of England which guarantees religious and socio-economic freedom. THUS AM I A KAFIR???? Along with 99.999% of my fellow co-religionists in Europe if not across the west! BTW it a religious injunction to follow the law of the land as vouchsafed by early Muslims who successfully and peacfully lived in Christian Abyssinia at the time of the Prophet Muhammed (pbuh) 
Also which WAR WITH MUSLIMS? Internationalisation of regional conflicts such as the Arab-Israeli one has only exacerbated the status quo on the ground and radicalised young people. SORRY NOT MY BUSINESS!!!
The Muslim World suffers from systemic failure not some global conspiracy to annihilate Muslim Land and its suffering peoples. The inputs and processes are riddled with Muslim corruption consequently the output is socio-economic failure, extremism, and stunted human capital.
In the words of the Quran God will not change a people until they change themselves…Also that nations have been made different and are expected to compete with one another in positive endeavours!
Get a Life!
Save a Life!
Celebrate Life!
Rishi Faisal

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