Saturday, 30 October 2010


Dear Friends
I have long viewed ‘my’ classroom at the micro level as the Greek ‘temenos’ that is a space ‘cut-off’ and assigned a ‘special domain’ with the purpose of imparting knowledge and where the student emerges changed.
However, I am also beginning to appreciate the whole University if not society as ‘temenos’ and beginning to have an inkling of why Muhammed (pbuh) stated 14 centuries ago that the whole world is a ‘Mosque’. Consequently everything especially the environment and human relationships become sacred and reverential, thus exploitation of any type whether human or socio-economic becomes problematic if not sinful.
Has the continuous secularisation if not devaluation of the sacred caused more harm than good? Why do we find social networking pleasurable and communication with our neighbour or siblings / family / relatives so difficult? What is the solution to the post-modern malaise, namely that we have the power to obliterate the whole of life in a matter of hours?

Yes the return to the innocence...

‘’There is nothing higher than the truth’’...Plotinus

Rishi Faisal

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