Friday, 8 October 2010

Trials of teaching...

Dear Friends
I absolutely adore the Biblical parable of the sower that narrates the actions of a farmer at planting time. Some seed he sows falls on rocky ground; some falls by the wayside and is eaten by birds; some falls among the weeds that choke the seedlings; and some falls on good soil where it produces abundantly.
Thus in my current context the seed is teaching. The rocky ground represents the challenging students. The weeds are the stresses and strains of teaching such as workload. HOWEVER, when teaching meets fertile minds the results are astonishing and life transforming.
If anything the rock and weeds are manure for reflection and are a natural feedback for further inner-work. This is important because I know my intention and desire for students to succeed. And my students cannot see inside my skull!!!
Rishi Faisal

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