Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Purpose of Education...

Dear Friends
I feel that the purpose of education especially business education is not only to develop skilled professionals, but to remind these future professionals of the impact of their work on the welfare of people and society in general and to make them socially responsible in fact socially literate.
This ‘reminder’ can be executed via ethics courses or informally through assignments focusing on corporate social responsibility. Either way it is the most important topic dominating business and philosophical thinking as you read.
A case in point is the high flyers and city slickers that dominate the financial centres across the globe. The current global recession and credit crunch if not debacle was caused by professionals who were high on a toxic cocktail of short-termism coupled with personal greed of an astronomical proportion. I am certain had those  Keynesian ‘animal spirits’ been checked earlier through regulation and personal conduct we would not be in the midst of so much international turmoil and personal trauma.
I believe in the free market. A free market dominated by spirit NOT EGO.
Yaa Haq / The Truth!
Rishi Faisal

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