Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Liminal Education?

Dear Friends
Liminality is derived from the Latin limen, 'threshold', thus the term suggests a dramatic change in one's condition.
Thus can education be liminal?
Well a time and space are essential ingredients along with a genuinely motivated teacher. However the student must commit if not intend the 'change' also known as separation consciously if not wholeheartedly, since they are leaving their normality from a constructed time and space from which they will hopefully be enriched.
Probably they are apprehensive and doubtful about the authenticity of the teacher. If they consciously choose to 'change' the latter issues will become easier to deal with and they will have the support of their fellow students and a student-community spirit will ensue.
After the class there is re-aggregation and ideally the student emerges slightly changed.
This is an incremental and two way process and patience and dedication on the part of the educator is vital.
Thus education can and should be liminal, considering the billions of tax receipts that are pumped into the education system.

Rish iFaisal

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