Saturday, 23 October 2010

''Student as CUSTOMER''...

Dear Friends
Since the introduction of tuition fees in English Higher Education the concept of ‘student as customer’ has become very popular.
Personally I absolutely detest this concept as it implies the customer namely the student is always right. How can that be? Education is not some commodity that can be bought and sold. Students cannot expect a certain grade after investing x amount of pounds! Surely educators should not pander to their students egos? Educators are not customer service agents.
I currently have 2 student constituencies namely undergraduate and professional. I feel my relationship with both should be one of mutually earned respect and admiration. Thus I see my undergraduate students as ‘partners’ where we are both on a journey of collective and individual discovery. I will endeavour to challenge them and guide them to make good choices.
I view my professional students as ‘colleagues’ as they are preparing for tough exams which I too have obtained. I will do my utmost to ‘sweat’ with them and hold their hands and assure them that they can and will pass.

"Meliora Cogito"... (I strive for the best)

Rishi Faisal

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